Megaline has undertaken a number of significant oil & gas projects in recent years, most notably Gorgon & Wheatstone LNG in Australia and Gina Krog Project in the North Sea. Mega Caravan, Mega Caravan 2, and Mega Trust were each awarded two year contracts, with Chevron exercising multiple extension options that eventually increased the charter period to roughly 4 years. During these 4 years, Megaline was nominated for ‘Best Vessel’ and ‘Quarantine Champion’ and later received an award in recognition of our commitment to protect and sustain Barrow Island as a Class A Nature Reserve.

These logistics challenges required significant engineering work and preparation, in some cases, months before marine transportation. It also required vessels that complied with the international and local standards, including project specific scopes.

We feel honored and grateful to the clients who entrusted us to participate in these massive endeavors and giving us the opportunity to fulfill our work and accomplishments.

Offshore Structures
Port Equipment
  • DSME Multi-Ring Block 14,844mt
    from Yantai, China to Okpo, Korea
    Mega Passion
  • Singapore New Pitch Gasification project
    consolidated shipment, water stipper & wash column
    from Qingdao, China to Jurong Island, Singapore
    Mega Caravan2
  • Anchor FPU structure
    22,700mt Side load-out
    20,777mt Float-off
    CVX and DSME
    Mega Passion
  • Singapore New Pitch Gasification project
    onshore module transportation 10 shipment
    from Kattupalli, India to Jurong Island, Singapore
    Mega Caravan2
  • GIGA/MEGA Shipblocks
     ~ 18,000 mt
    from China to Korea
    Long term charter
    Mega Passion
  • Gorgon LNG Project
    Modules, PAU/PARs, GTGs
    2,500 ~ 10,700 mt
    from Asia/Europe to Australia
    4 years charter for 3 vessels
    Mega Caravan / Mega Caravan 2 / Mega Trust
  • Wheatstone Project
    Steel Gravity Structure
    36,000 mt
    from Korea to Australia
    Mega Passion
  • Gina Krog Project
    MSF (Topside Module)
    12,200 mt
    from Korea to Offshore Northsea
    Mega Caravan
  • Dismantled Crane
    3,360 mt
    from China to Korea
    Mega Innovation